New Book Unveils How to Revolutionize Business Strategies with a hybrid startups and product-led approach combo

São Paulo, June 8, 2023

Francisco Madureira, a renowned consultant and professor in business agility, product management, and innovation, has released a groundbreaking new book titled “Product-Driven Empires”. This comprehensive guide is poised to revolutionize the way businesses approach product development and drive growth in the digital age.

“Product-Driven Empires” explores the transformative potential of adopting a product-led mindset along with a hybrid startup approach to build successful organizations. Drawing upon extensive research and real-world examples from industry giants such as Amazon, Google, and IBM, the book offers actionable insights and practical strategies for leveraging product-centricity to achieve scalability, innovation, and a sustainable competitive advantage.

The book delves into key topics such as customer-centricity, data-driven decision-making, innovation, and fostering a product-led culture. With a focus on empowering C-level executives and professionals pursuing career advancement, “Product-Driven Empires” equips readers with the knowledge and tools to navigate the dynamic business landscape and propel their organizations to new heights.

“A Product-Driven Empire can be defined as a company that has built a substantial portfolio of products and services, leveraging its core competencies, innovation, and strategic expansion”, says Madureira. “These companies go beyond a single product or service and diversify their offerings to cater to various customer needs and industries. And it’s become a real recipe for success in digital age.”

Madureira has garnered experience since the begining of year 2000, when major brazilian media outlets such as Grupo Folha and Editora Abril founded UOL, wich happened to become the leading internet company in Brazil. Since then, he became an acclaim consultant and lecturer in Business Agility, Product Management, and Design Thinking. His extensive experience working with digital transformation for major retail companies in the country lends credibility to the insights shared in “Product-Driven Empires.”

The book’s relevance to current business trends and its potential to disrupt conventional thinking make it an enticing topic for journalists and industry influencers.

“Product-Driven Empires” is a must-read for C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking to drive innovation and create lasting impact in today’s competitive marketplace. With its actionable strategies and compelling insights, this book has the potential to reshape the way businesses approach product development and redefine the path to success.

The book has been indepedently published, so for more information or to request an interview, please contact:

Francisco Madureira
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Book Cover

O livro Product-Driven Empires, de Francisco Madureira
O livro Product-Driven Empires, de Francisco Madureira

Author (Francisco Madureira)

O consultor Francisco Madureira
O consultor Francisco Madureira